Wednesday, October 10, 2018

10 Incredible Accra House Rent Designs

After renting your 2 bedrooms, 3 bedroom and 5 bedrooms in Accra and beyond. There is also the need to plan and design where the furniture will be arranged, the type of paint colour to use and also the right arrangements.

Some people have a natural eye for design but were more I the camp of those who can't do anything without consulting the experts. And even if they are consulted, expectations don't always meet reality. We'd love to have an interior designer on speed dial before deciding just exactly where and how to hang that sweet new wall art bought. Here are the 10 incredible Accra House Rent Designs.

1. Establish A Color Scheme

For a head-to-toe makeover, the first step is creating a palette. "I come up with a basic colour scheme for the whole house, and then I take that from room to room," reveals Gary McBournie, a designer based in Boston. "It plays itself out in different ways in different rooms."

2. Fake Height

"Create strong verticals and avoid the horizontal," recommends designer Todd Romano. "I adore large mirrors because they add scale to a room. I also kept the furniture low-slung, so the rooms seem taller."

3. Stock Your Bar

Cleaning up clutter can be a good thing, but there's one thing hosts should never stowaway. "Show, don't tell, what you're serving with a well-appointed bar," says Bunny Williams. "Guests feel more at home when they can help themselves."

4. Extend Your Backsplash

Eye-catching tile can make a statement in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom. Cover as much of the wall as the budget allows, recommends designer Angie Hranowsky. Matthew Quinn, also a designer, agrees: "It feels more like a French bistro this way," he says of this blue-grey backdrop.

5. Add Texture

Neutral decor can be interesting — just include a variety of materials. "I used a range — from fine-gauge and open-weave linen to raw silk and taffeta to cotton velvet and distressed velvet," says California-based designer Ohara Davies-Gaetano. "Not only that, but there's also the contrast of matte sheens that absorb the light and lustrous sheens that reflect it."

6. Play With Textiles

You might think of straw as an outdoor textile, but it'll look just as good indoors. "Straw, jute, rush — natural materials and neutral tones are they always chic," says Braff. "They're the white T-shirt of interior design."

7. Put Investment Pieces Up Front

If you truly love something, you'll want to put it on display. "Use and enjoy your antiques and unique finds, especially in a utilitarian room like the bathroom," advises designer Bunny Williams.

8. Swap Chairs For Benches

Dining room benches might not be conventional, but they sure are cozy. "You automatically feel more friendly when you're sharing a seat," points out designer Thom Filicia. "It could quickly become corporate if you were looking at a room full of chairs." Vicente Wolf, also a designer, agrees on mixing it up: "You wouldn't have eight identical chairs in your living area."

9. Use The 50/150 Rule

For the perfect colour family, mix one batch of paint 50% lighter than the base and another 150% darker. "That's a fail­safe method for striping a wall," says Mary Douglas Drysdale, who designed this bold blue kitchen. "It's also a very architectural way of using colour."

10. Warm Up A Room With Mirrors

Mirrored panels like the ones lining this alcove can be elegant — but don't just slap them up, designer Jan Showers warns. Large sheets of a mirror will look commercial, so try a sectioned pattern in the traditional French style instead.